What owning Long Term Care insurance means!

Buying this special insurance to protect your savings means:

  • You have peace of mind knowing you won’t burden family to assist. They will be free to manage the professionals providing your assistance, help as they can, plus care about you.
  • You can be as independent as possible in your home and retain your dignity since you have funds to hire assistance.
  • Children won’t have to face the difficult and emotional tasks of helping parents with personal functions such as using the toilet!
  • Conflict won’t develop between sons/daughters, over spending parent’s saving nest egg for one vs retaining funds for the other.

What folks say about the value of Long Term Care insurance

The month of November has been designated Long Term Care Awareness Month for the last several years. It is however important to prepare for needing on-going assistance and buying this special kind of insurance no mater what time of year it may be.

I believe sharing thoughts from other individuals will help consumers in Connecticut better understand what best be called long term health insurance. Comments on the value of Long Term Care insurance are brought out in four short videos on LifeHappens.org.

First – the value to them in being able to receive the kind of assistance they need and want.

Second  – why they did not want to be a burden on others

Third – why it was important to buy early.

Fourth   –  comments  on the peace of mind they gained from Long Term Care insurance.

Thoughts on not becoming a burden on family


The risk on going assistance with personal activities will be required following a change in heath tomorrow or in the future is quite high. What does this mean to you? It’s very expensive to hire professionals to come help you get around and thus can have a very big impact on your financial situation, if you don’t have the right kind of insurance,.

There are ways to avoid a common question, which comes up when paying for expensive help – how did I end up here. How? Meet with John C Parker to review the long term health insurance options in Connecticut. Your interests will be discussed and help will be received to select appropriate coverage that meets your budget, provides peace of mind, and is hassle free so you won’t become a burden on family.

Having this conversation is a more effective approach then researching various options yourself and thinking – Oh there are too many choices – I can’t make a decision.

Another part of the conversation is to understand the value of owning this special kind of financial protection insurance vs the much more expensive approach of having to pay high cost assistance expenses yourself.