Home based assistance is much more effective in today’s Covid 19 world!

I want to share some points about caring for the elders in our families during the pandemic. The research (1), reported in a Sept 4, 2020 article in McKnights Senior Living, found:


Among family caregivers surveyed:

+  65% said COVID-19 has completely changed their opinions about the best way to care for older adults,

+ 68% said they don’t agree that quality care can be provided in assisted living and other congregate care settings, and

+ 78% said they are concerned their loved one will contract COVID-19 in a facility.


Individuals in CT who apply for the Husky (MedicAid) day to day living assistance program do have some alternatives, if they qualify, but most support would be in a Skilled Nursing Facility (Nursing Home).

What this tells me – when a family elder needs assistance with day to day life activities – its best to:

+ have professional caregivers come to the home.

+ own a Long Term Care insurance plan. Family members can then use the pool of money the plan creates to hire needed professional caregivers.

(1) The McKnights Senior Living article

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