New services when individuals need day to day help and for distant caregivers!

There is a lot going on today with technology to help as we age and when we need long term support and services.

Wanted to share two videos on technology now being used to help with caregiving. They were created by the Center for Aging Services Technologies an association of foundations, academic and applied researchers, and health and social service providers.

The first video on the page is – Imagine – the Future of Aging. It’s described as “a glimpse, through the eyes of one family, of what the future of aging could look like with help from developing technologies that are possible, practical, and affordable.”

It is about eight minutes, provides comments from various individuals, and is well worth the time. I believe, you won’t think – oh – technology is going to overwhelm us. Instead – this can be a big help.

Many of the technology based services mentioned in the video are available today from a Connecticut based firm. They have many other products, which may be useful in your planning for a loved one.

In the second two minute plus video  – Transforming an Aging Nation –  “industry experts describe how these technologies can potentially improve health care, preserve independence, and ensure quality of life for seniors.


This “helping technology” will be a step toward enabling people to continue their independence and to offset the shortage of professional caregivers.