Four insightful points on aging and health


The way people think about aging today is different from the past. People who are now close to 70 think of themselves like someone who was 50 say 25 years ago.

What about the future? Some answers can be found in this eight minute video, recorded in early March by Ken Dychtwald, PhD President of Age Wave, provides though provoking points on aging. It was made during the 2014 American Society of Aging Annual Conference.

In listening to his thoughts about what an ever expanding life span means it is important to think about:

  • Where do you want to be if help is needed and what would you like to happen?
  • Do you want to receive assistance at home so you can maintain as much independence as possible?
  • What would your family do? Could one change what they are now doing to come help? Who could?
  • Do you have a pile of money put aside to pay very expensive help and avoid becoming poor? Would family members help you pay?

Some certainty, in what you would like to happen, can be gained when action is taken to buy Long Term Care insurance (LTCi).

Interested in other aging related information?

● Ken Dychtwald’s thoughts about retirement are highlighted in this video made during ASA’s 2013 annual conference.

● Points are brought out in these early April charts on “How Americans Die” from Bloomberg Visual.


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