Some of the benefits of owning Long Term Care insurance


One of the things about long term care services is so many people are needing help and thus the amount of support they are receiving is extensive. Much of this help is from family and friends.

The American Association for Long Term Care Insurance (AALTCI) recently conducted a survey on the amount of benefits paid just last year, by private insurance companies, to individuals who owned Long Term Care insurance. AALTCI found $6.6 billion in benefits were paid in 2012 to people with medical situations such as Alzheimer’s disease, stroke, arthritis, and cancer. These individuals received services in their home, in assisted living facilities, and in skilled nursing facilities.

AALTCI also found half of the newly opened claims in 2012 were for services received in a home and about two thirds of the benefit dollars paid went to females.

In addition to having needed services paid, when an individual owns Long Term Care insurance, it means they:

  • Will not face the significant physical and emotional issues, which happen when a family member has to be their full time care giver!
  • Have an ever growing benefit pool, through the power of compounding, to pay for services.
  • Can hire professional help and receive it in the living situation they want for as long as possible.
  • Can avoid becoming poor from quickly using up their savings nest egg paying for expensive help.


There are many aspects to long term care services, how this special insurance works, and what amount of coverage will best meet an individual’s interests in having choices, and their budget. An informative and insightful video, which explains all this, is available from Kiplinger’s. It is sponsored by John Hancock and has five segments.

You can learn more about the value received by owning this special kind of insurance on my web site –

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