Looking ahead – Who will help us?

Looking back over the past 20 years we find the divorce rate for individuals in the baby boom generation has increased 50%. We also know more individuals in this group have stayed single.

What does all this mean? Many people will not have a spouse or children available to provide help with day to day life activities when needed in say 20 years. Some other points about – Who will help us:

● People are living longer and often think their health will not deteriorate and then one day they will just die! However, the facts tell us 70% or more individuals will need help by age 75. Thus, it will become harder and harder to find assistance.

● Over 80% of us have a relative, or know someone, who is or has received help because some of their “parts wore out” or because they were having trouble with mental ability. Thus, no one can predict their future and what might be called “Life Happens” medical related situations can occur at any time.

Bottom line, taking action and investing in Long Term Care insurance is the most effective way to prepare for the big financial obligation of paying for professional assistance which comes when assistance with day to day life activities is needed. It’s also the most economical way to prepare since the plan’s premium, whatever it might be, is just pennies on the dollar in comparison to the large amount of funds you would have to come up with to pay yourself.

Informative video stories on the value four people received plus a description of some myths and facts about Long Term Care insurance can be viewed on this link.


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