Will I really need long term services and support?

People see others around them receiving help with day to day life activities but, because it’s human nature, they believe it won’t happen to them. No one however can predict if an unexpected life challenges and very expensive treatments, will happen nor can they say they won’t need help.
Note: The American Society of Aging (ASA) reports 60% to 70% of Americans 65 or older will require assistance as some time.

What to do? The most effective and economical approach to eliminate the risk of these big costs is to take action to invest in Long Term Care insurance.

A good first step in preparing to take action on implementing this important kind of financial protection is to sit down and imagine what you want to happen if assistance with day to day activities is needed. The following questions may help you consider what type of help you would like; where you want to be; and how your desires can be accomplished?
Do you want to receive help at home?
Who in your family could change what they are now doing and come to help?
Do you have significant savings set aside to pay for expensive help for an extended period? Would family members pay?

More information can be found on http://www.LongTermCareIns-CT.com

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