Making plans for a change in health is important!

What’s the best way to prepare for and protect yourself from the scary situation—I may need on going help with day to day life activities?

The best approach is to transfer the very big risk this will happen to a Long Term Care insurance company. Why? Buying is the most economical way to have funds to hire professional help since the premium is just pennies compared to all the dollars needed to pay yourself. A good way to think about this coverage is it’s—like a two-part gift to your family:

First – Taking action to buy means you won’t be in the awkward position of becoming a burden on family. Thus, a spouse, children, or others:
● Won’t have to change what they are now doing to be a care giver 100% of the time.

● Will be free to coordinate the professionals providing your help and can assist when able.

Second – Long Term Care insurance, which might be called “key family protection”©:
● Provides a guaranteed pool of funds, which act as a “wall of protection” around income and other hard earned money.

● Means you won’t lose most or all of your nest egg and your savings will continue to be available to support a spouse’s retirement; or to leave as a legacy for family, or to support a community organization!

Another important reason for buying—it’s like a gift to the person who buys. How?
● They can hire quality help when and where they want.

● Being in control of the desired assistance maintains their dignity and provides a special peace of mind.

● People like the help they receive, in many plans, from independent professionals who come to their home when assistance is first needed. They meet with the person and their family to help them understand the kinds of helping services available in the area, discuss what kind of professionals they want help from, and work with them on when they will receive help.

All this is of huge value.

More information about the value of this special kind of health insurance and all you and your family can gain is on my web site.

People want financial peace of mind

A recent survey by Dr. Ken Dychtwald’s Age Wave with Harris Interactive was a follow up to one conducted 10 years ago. It looked at the expectations of retirees. The new study revealed retirees now believe “achieving financial peace of mind has replaced wealth accumulation as today’s primary financial goal.”

One very effective step to gaining this peace of mind is to invest in Long Term Care insurance. How? Having this protection means a person won’t quickly use up their savings nest egg, become poor, and thus need to rely on family members for assistance.

An effective way to pay the premium might be to use some investment income.

A free little book on the ABC’s of Long Term Care insurance is available to Connecticut residents. It’s a great way to better understand the need for planning for the big risk of needing on going assistance! Send a note.