3in4NeedMore education program

Dr Marion Sommers the author of Elder Care Made Easier shares insights on the importance of LTCi and talks about the 3in4NeedMore education and publicity program.

The video is about five minutes. Contact me if any questions about the 3in4NeedMore program.

Insights on people’s wants and desires

Want to share some findings from Ken Dychtwald, Ph.D. President/CEO, Age Wave. He is an authority on the aging of America and found in some recent work with a long term care insurance company that people:

+ Want to maintain good health and say “they would ideally like to live to 92 years”.

+ Are “over five times more worried about being a burden on their family than dying”.

+ Are most concerned about “uninsured medical expenses” and “rank Alzheimer’s as their single greatest fear among disabling diseases in later life”.