Mom needed help with life activities – What do kids now say?

A recent survey of individuals 46 to 64 of age found those whose parent needed help with day to day life activities now recognize the value of Long Term Care insurance:

+ 87% of the participants said it helps protect family members from having to pay for help.

+ 85% said it provides family members with peace of mind.

+ 84% said it means retirement savings can stay intact.

+ 70% said it helps with the ability to leave an inheritance.

However, even though the chance of needing assistance is more than 70%, individuals of this age have not purchased this special and very important kind of protection. Why? An analysis indicates perhaps they:

+ Don’t fully understand how long term care financing works.

+ Don’t understand the importance of early planning for this need.

The survey also found a majority mistakenly thought government funding would be available to pay for their needed assistance.

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