Taking your medications properly – key to better health

Recent research reports many people who thought, or had been told by a MD, they had a memory related problem in fact had a medication interaction problem.

Facts tells over half of prescriptions that are filled are not taken as prescribed in the United States. This rate of non-adherence includes patients taking drugs for serious conditions such as asthma, high blood pressure and diabetes.

Primary care physicians report, the health of one in five patients is compromised by non-adherence, which is a critical issue that impacts a persons health and productivity.

Understanding your medications, frequency, and how one may interact with another can mean the difference between suffering and relief.

This video may be of interest.

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Long Term Care insurance pays big dollars

The American Association of Long Term Care Insurance – http://www.aaltci.org – in which I am involved completed a survey of the 10 leading long term care insurance companies in January 2011 and learned:

+ The daily value of claims being paid has reached $10.76 million

+ The number of covered individuals was over 134,000

+ These amounts are 53% higher than a survey in 2007.

On a related item AALTCI has reported:

+ 31% of new LTCi claims are for individuals using home based services

+ 30.5% were for services in Assistant Living Facilities

+ 38.5% were for skilled nursing facilities