Planning for a change in health is important

Its generally difficult for people to think about taking steps to plan for a change in health and needing on going assistance because their normal reaction is — it won’t happen to me. On the other hand we know:

● No one can say “I’ll never have an unexpected ‘Life Happens’ situation”.

● According to the American Society of Aging 60% to 70% of those over 65 will need assistance.

● People who were impacted in a big way by a sudden change in health or some who developed frailty later in life.

Thus, its important to put aside the “won’t happen” and consider “what if” your health does change. To better understand an effective solution and if you are a Connecticut resident call today (860) 739-0005 to receive a small book:

“The Truth About Long Term Care Insurance” by Robert L Cochran.