Thinking about who pays for long term care services

The National Care Planning Council, ( in a recent article, “Misconceptions about Who Pays for Long Term Care” indicates:

+ “A large majority of the American public still believes that the government will provide long term care when needed. It is this misconception that most likely prevents people from doing any planning at a younger age for the future need for care.

+ Then too, “many people believe they can give away assets prior to the need for long term care and qualify for Medicaid.” The Council suggests this belief prevents people from considering other ways to fund the cost of future care.

An important question about the idea of having the government pay is then raised. “Why go
through the expense and effort of trying to manipulate the system to get welfare care, when a little preplanning at an earlier age would be a better option?”

The articles final point is quite important. “When people understand the limitations of relying on government programs they are most likely to be more motivated to plan for the future by making provisions in advance and providing advance funding to pay for care. Prior planning also
allows people to have a choice in their care setting and in the type of services they receive.”

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